Carousel draws inspiration from the sculptural works of Isamu Noguchi and Erwin Hauer. Noguchi's Akari light sculptures have long fascinated me, specifically his desire "to bring sculpture into a more direct involvement with the common experience of living." Paper lanterns had existed long before Akari but Noguchi brought his own language to the art. Hauer - known for his architectural walls and screens - played with light through complex pattern and the absence of material.
Carousel (Light and Shadow no.1) builds on these traditions adding elements of movement, interactivity, technology and expressivity.  Rotating the inner shade, subtly changes the light pattern, giving it a new character - much like light sparkling through the leaves of a tree. 
Coldpress watercolour paper, PLA wood filament, led, dimmer
You can purchase Carousel (Light & Shadow no. 1) here.
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