Scenes from 'My So-Called Digital Life' 

'My So-Called Digital Life' explores the relationship between hyper-connectedness and isolation within digital culture. Unprecedented levels of 'connectedness' (to information, people, communities and an endless supply of media) have come to define digital culture. This hyper-connectedness has challenged our very perception and definition of long held cultural beliefs. Notions of 'friendship' and 'relationships' are born and exist entirely virtually. Information and disinformation are disseminated with such great speed that the distinction between the two has been blurred. Our connection to communities bolster us in times of need and tear us down with equal swiftness and precision. The ability to peer into the lives of so many others can give our lives perspective but also challenge our self-esteem. Even our perception of 'time' has been altered - with cultural exchanges distilled to the beats between texts or the time it takes to binge a Netflix season. Sadly all of this hyper-connectedness has led to growing levels of anxiety and profound experiences of isolation.
The structure of this sculpture is simple and rich: a seated figure awash in the glow of a digital life as it flashes and scrolls endlessly by. The encapsulating screen existing as portal, silo and prison. The figure a participant, captive, and exile. All for the viewer to consider. 
My So-Called Digital Life was a 2021 Hue+Man Design Competition Finalist.
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